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Annoying Bitch
Cult Kevin
So you know what? I've finally found someone who I just can't stand and who I purposely avoid. Her name's Sabrina ,and I think that she's a disrespectful brat.

This girl is in my College Algebra class, and she is constantly talking while the professor is teaching us something. Her excuse is that "she's so smart, and that she already knows it all". Bitch! Just shut the fuck up and show some respect. You obviously don't know everything since you didn't test out of the class. Take that! And I know for a fact that she didn't ace the test (plus the bonus) since only two people did that, and they were me and my friend, Rachel. So she should just shut up.

Her brand of humor also rubs me the wrong way. I'm used to most people having a laugh at what I say and poking a bit of fun at it because it's nonsensical. When she does it, there seems to be an undercurrent of nastiness to it. Today she crossed the line when she made fun of my friend, Matt. Stupid ass bitch made fun of him because he had a dragon statue from his mom. Her point was that he shouldn't even have that thing, and that it's even worse that he got it from "his mommy". Bitch! People like different things so stop slamming them just because they're interested in things that are "dorky" and "stupid" to you.

I would be perfectly fine if I never saw this girl again. The only problem is that she's a friend of my friend. Damn it.