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WB Are a Bunch of Corporate Pigs
Sad Kev

Now I've found a good use for this livejournal. It shall now be my rant space since I have teachers who might read the blog of my MySpace.

Now for the meat of my anger. Even though I've calmed down considerably since the announcement was made, I still hate those mother fuckers who pushed back the release date for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Seriously!! What kind of greedy ass fucks are they to change the release date for a major film when the original release date was so close within range. I have nothing reasonable to say except that they are fucking cocksucking bastards that deserve to rot in hell. Fuck them all to hell. 

They honestly think that they would get a bigger audience in the summer as opposed to the mostly traditional November release. PLEASE!!! Those stupid cunts just put the film up against Transformers 2!! What a bunch of dumb ass shits. The film will do well  whenever, and I would have been more willing to wait through 2009 rather than now! We've waited before, and we can wait some more.

Damn those fuckers to hell. I hope a house falls on them.