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Losing It
Sad Kev
I think I'm losing it. Seriously. I look around, and I feel like I can't connect to things. I start getting suspicious and think that the rational part of my mind is no longer there. I'm just in some sort of hole where I can't figure out where anything is. My brain is floating around somewhere, and I can't figure out how to get it back.

What are the signs of descending into madness? I would really like to know. There's an age old adage where they say that the truly insane are the ones who never admit it. By that idea I suppose my sanity is safe. But you still have to wonder. What is fueling my cracked out mind?

I just really need a Bible verse to stabilize me right now. It's a rock in turbulent times. Like the rock of my salvation.

Am I going to have dementia as I get older? I'm already absent-minded. What is to come?