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Shitty Memory
I'm a bit annoyed ,at the moment, that I can't remember where I placed my student ID card. I know that I had to have it on me from the late hours of Halloween to the early morning of November 1 because I had to use my own card to get back up the stairwell. Whether I left the card in my room or in Melissa's room is where the trouble starts. I can't remember if I left my card in my room the first time I went to get my belongings, or countless times after that. I'm pretty sure that I took it to Melissa's room. Now, I'm not sure if I left it in her room or took it with me when I left in the morning. I'm leaning more towards having taken it, though I can't be sure since I haven't thoroughly searched her room. The big question is to whether or not I took it with me when I went shopping for snacks and such things. I don't consciously remember bringing the card with me since I knew that I wouldn't need it for meals, and I knew that I would be back way before visitation hours ended. So therefore, I was really hoping that it was in my room somewhere. The only problem is that I've swept my room pretty thoroughly and haven't found anything. If I did take it with me to the store, then my problem is solved. I lost it somewhere out there ,and I'll just have to get a new one. But if I never took it with me, then I still have searching to do because it is most definitely still in Engstrom, and I need to find it. I would really like to find it. Please let me find it.