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Hella Tired
Sad Kev
Once again, I find myself very sleepy. But I don't have to worry too much about class tomorrow since my awesome professor canceled. He's cool. I'm probably going to fail my little research paper thing though. Speaking of research papers, I have to do one for history class. I have no idea what to do it on, and it's due tomorrow. I can just pull another all nighter I guess. But the consequences hella suck. I just feel all drained and shit.

Once again, my love of secondary characters in the media does not help my fan service needs. Though I particularly despise the Twilight series, I watched the film against my better judgment. It wasn't the shitfest I was expecting it to be. Yeah, some stuff was really cheesy, and the actors were really wooden, but it was all good in the hood. Just like the novel, the thing I liked the most was Bella's relationship with her father. Somehow I think that Stephanie Myer should go back and just rewrite the books so that it solely focuses on the father/daughter dynamic. All that vampire stuff was shit. The father is about the only character I can actually believe in. I also liked Jacob. So maybe you could consider me a member of Team Jacob. He's just much nicer, and he's not as abusive as Edward. Funny thing is that I met the actor who plays Jacob Black. It was back when he was more popular for being Sharkboy. I regret not taking that picture with him.

So going back to the whole "secondary character biting me in the ass" thing. So I head on over to fanfiction and other Twilight fanfiction websites to satisfy my Charlie Swan need. Nothing of substance. There was like one satisfactory story, but it was over too soon. Another one with an interesting premise went on hiatus before the meat of the story could be reached. For the majority, it was like being a Raoul/Christine shipper in the Phantom of the Opera fandom in that most of the stories with Charlie were depicting him as an abusive drunken asshole. WHAT THE FUCK!!! This man is a sheriff a small ass town, and he lives for the daughter he barely sees. If anything, Bella is a bitch for leaving her poor father. Yeah, so I can't get no satisfaction.

So is life. C'est la vie.

Adding to the secondary character thing, the actor playing Charlie Swan is Billy Burke who I saw in Untraceable. Now, I didn't think that he was all that sexy in Untraceable, but when you slap a mustache on the man....DAMN!! He's a freakin DILF!

On the Andy front (because you know that I can't avoid it) I still have thought about him. Just little things like how he's really close by to where I live. I still get those urgings to see glimpses of him before class.

I fee that I must reiterate. C'est la vie. Now. Au revoir.