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Pacified My Ass
Sad Kev
Okay. Now I'm a bit calmer about the whole "Harry Potter is being released next summer instead of this November" thing. Sure I'm still a bit upset, but I'm not feeling as batshit angry as I did yesterday. Man, that was some colorful language I used yesterday. You should see what I said on comingsoon.net. Hee hee.

I still think it a little two faced of the WB head honchos to be all like, "We love our fans." I call horse shit. They basically said in their statement that they're doing it for the money, so I doubt they really have the fans best interest at hearts. Most giant companies look after their stockholders and investors first and foremost before they look to the common man.

But I'm over it now. At least we'll get more promotional footage, and all of the fans will feel like they've already seen the movie seven times before it's even February.

On a more optimistic note, what about the back of Neville's head that we got to see in that picture of the Slug Club dinner? I love Neville, and I love the way Matthew Lewis portrays him. Just brilliant.