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Feel Old About Now
Cult Kevin

You know what's really sad? Here I am, a young college student, and I'm ready to turn in at 9 o' clock at night. How sad. Actually that would be pretty sweet.

I should actually be working on a research paper right now, but because I'm essentially refining my rough draft and taking it into  a different direction then it feels like I'm starting all over again. Which sucks because I despise starting things. It's a bit of a nuisance. Ending things is also a bit problematic for me. Oh the horrible nuance of the college research paper. I'm wasting all of this fucking paper in the hopes of getting a piece of fancy paper with the president's signature on it. What a load of bullshit. Why can't they make graduation feel more rewarding? I know that in my case, I just feel strange and that I'm just drifting and not doing much of anything else.

Well I should actually get to work on this fucking paper if I actually want to get my desired eight hours of sleep. You know what else sucks? I still have to pick up my other damn rough draft from the History department because my professor didn't grade it. That's going to cut into me wanting to hang out at the Theological library to finish up my freaking inductive study on a chapter of Deuteronomy. Damn. This is a lot of work for me. When does the damn office close anyway? Everything seems to close earlier on Friday, so I'll have to be careful.

In the realm of distractions, I hope that Simone comes through with her semi-promise of watching Australia. I just need to watch something and then unload. I mean, that's the point of anime club, but doing it with Simone is fun because we both get the same things. Dude. She heck of scared me this morning. I was sound asleep when I felt something poke me and then heard a voice say my name. I woke up to see Simone aboe me, and it hella startled me. I thought that it was a joke since she had said something about coming to my room and just standing over me all creeper like. Turns out that she just needed to print out a paper. I was fine with it even though I was really out of it. The printer was extremely loud though. Not as loud, though, as when Hanna uses her blow dryer. Now that's just hard for me to sleep through, and yet I manage.

Enough distractions!! It's time for me to plow through this paper.