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Full of Joy
Sad Kev

I must say that I am quite glad that Slumdog Millionaire won the Oscar for Best Picture. It truly was an amazing film that deserved the win. I thought all around that the right people won. Though, I would have gone either way on Best Actor, Actress, and Supporting Actress. I absolutely cried when Heath Ledger's family accepted on his behalf. There were parts of the show that seemed awkward, though. Hugh Jackman was a great host, don't get me wrong, but the way that music and the "In Memoriam" was done was strange. Why did they intermix everything? And while it was a wonderful thing to have winners of the past talk to the nominees, I would have still preferred a clip. Over all, it was a lovely show.

Now I must talk about the movies of tomorrow. I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH WATCHMEN!!!!!!!! It's going to be so EPIC!! And even if it's not everything I wanted it to be, at least I get to see Patrick Wilson once more. Damn. This movie has reignited my adoration for this man. I just find him so attractive and endearing. Another viewing of Andrew Lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera can do that to a person as well. I think that I'm even more excited because I have an opportunity to go to the Hollywood premiere. To think that I could be inches away from Patrick Wilson is just overwhelming. My heart flutters super hardcore at the thought. The thought that I could get an autograph or picture is even more dizzying. I shall hope for the best while also expecting it. I'm even writing another fan letter. That's how enthused I am.