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Sad Kev

The title says it all, but it doesn't!!!!! I attended the Watchmen premiere, and it was pretty awesome. I had a fun time even though I was there unnecessarily early. I shall get rid of the bad parts first.

Okay. So I almost fell asleep at nine since my body had woken me up at four in the morning. Just too much anticipation for this premiere jump started my natural alarm clock. Then it turned out that I could have just showed up at four in the afternoon and been fine. Seriously. I also had to watch from across the street, and the people in charge of the premiere didn't block off the road, so the fucking cars were still zooming by. But I tried to make the best out of the situation. The fact that Archie the owl ship was there instantly made me happy.

That last sentence shall now set up the good things about the premiere. I got to see some stars because they came over to us fans. That's right. They totally crossed the mother effing street and took pictures and signed autographs for us. It was EPIC!!!! I was totally yelling people's names, and they would turn because I was the one who yelled their names the loudest. I think I might have freaked out people like Masi Oka, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Gerard Way, and the beautiful Patrick Wilson. People should thank me for getting Masi Oka to turn around. I yelled, "I love Heroes!!", and he totally turned, smiled, and waved. I think I also alerted Jeffrey Dean Morgan's attention to us. He looked totally surprised. When they finally crossed over, I got some decent pictures. Of course, the mental pictures are way better than the actual ones, since I was an idiot and forgot to turn on my flash. I got Jackie Earl Haley's autograph, and he was super duper nice. He even autographed it the way that Rorschach would. I was able to tell him that I loved him in Little Children, and he did talk to me to ask me a question. Billy Crudup was totally right in front of me, but I couldn't get him to sign my copy of Entertainment Weekly with him on the cover. He was totally nice also, since he expressed his appreciation for us making it out to see them. But my little personal highlight was with Patrick Wilson. Unfortunately, he went in the opposite direction of Jackie and Billy, but as he was crossing the street, I totally yelled, "PATRICK". And he freakin TURNED AROUND, SMILED, and fucking WAVED at ME!!!! I am totally convinced that he smiled and waved specifically at me. Nothing can convince me other wise.

He is so attractive in real life. I was left breathless at the mere sight of him. He can wear a suit so well, and he's so charming and handsome and manly. He's just so fucking dreamy. My crush has been intensified to the thousandth power.