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Typing is so Fun
Cult Kevin
My mind is like a blank slate of stupid emptiness. I just feel like typing for the sake of typing. It's calming, and I like it. I don't give a damn if I'm being redundant because this is for my own pleasure. Right now, I'm supposed to be writing a paper about the domestic abuse issues of pop singers Chris Brown and Rihanna. I find that despite how easy this may seem, a homework assignment is a homework assignment, and I am incapable of concentrating. To add to the pressure, I must also start cramming for my Philosophy midterm as soon as I am done with the paper. Maybe I will pull a miracle out of my ass like I did with my History midterm by staying up until three in the morning by cramming as much fucking knowledge as I can into my head. When did cramming become second nature to me now?? Only the Lord knows, and He probably does not approve.

Typing is fun. I especially like it when I don't have to look at the keyboard. It' s fun to rely on your own knowledge of the keys. Why couldn't I ever play the piano like this? Sometimes I miss playing it. It was nice when I played songs that I liked, but my mom wanted me to stick to the assigned lessons. That probably contributed to my quitting. That and the abandonment issues that my last piano teacher unwittingly exposed me to. Whatever. I'm over it now.

Aahhhh. I should get started now. Bye.