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Gotta love them, but I hate them right now.
Sad Kev
You can't escape from them if you're born into one or if you marry into one. They are a suffocating presence that squeezes the everloving life from your lungs. They nag and nag and nag some more after that. And you can't fake attentiveness because they have weird sensors that alert them to your un-listening ears. It really pisses me off.

So what, pray tell has pissed me off enough to break my self imposed livejournal silence? Well if you skipped the first paragraph then I was referring to my family. I have just moved back to school, and mind you this is my sophomore year, and my mother is still trying to clip my wings. She just can't let me leave the goddamn nest. I understand that it's because I'm her only child, and we're the only ones the other has had these past few years but still. Give a little birdie some room to breathe!!! Even though I basically handled most of the aspects of my move, my mother and her sisters still found the ability to worm their way into my decisions. Ack. Sure, some of the suggestions were nice, and I love the bike they bought me, but I still wish she hadn't of yelled at me. Gargh. Well, I still love my mother.

On a completely different note, I was afraid that I was becoming a closet yaoi fan, but it turns out that if I don't actually enjoy the sex acts and the boy on boy action, then I'm not a yaoi fan. Unfortunately, I still enjoy reading it. I hate yaoi fangirls. Or at least the crazy diehard ones. Why oh why do I like reading KakaIru? It's weird.