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Complications Fixed and New
Ah.  I guess I'll begin with the problems that have been fixed since that is more uplifting and a shorter story to tell. For the past few weeks, a friend and I have been watching LOST online. Unfortunately, when you watch online it is subject to removal. We have been jumping from site to site and were worried that we would have to settle for Megavideo, when HULU finally picked up all of season 5. WOOHOO!! Yay for legal viewing.

Now for the bummer stuff. My roommate had some breakdown where she told the rest of us that she had been feeling lonely. She wanted us to make more of an emotional connection with her because she had been felling so goddamn lonely walking around campus all the time. At the time, I was feeling sympathetic, and I told her that I would be there more. And I have done that. But the more I think of her little "opening up" the angrier I become. First of all, I have been just as "lonely" as she has, but I don't mind it. It's nice to have alone time. She doesn't have the market cornered on loneliness. I also find it whiny and demanding of her to claim that we are never there for her. She needs to make just as much of an effort! And she doesn't. The second thing is that the person she is missing the most is not JUST HER BEST FRIEND. She's MINE as well!! So that seemed even more selfish.

I don't know. It was just really irritating and awkward. I'm not an open person, and I enjoy being reserved. I need to go to class now, so I guess I'll right more when I've thought this out more.