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Sad Kev
I have no drive in life.

Nothing important truly excites me or gets my ire. I only realize this when listening to my roommate. She's so passionate about the things her people have gone through and what they are trying to accomplish. I can barely listen to what she says because I honestly don't give a shit. My mother's ideas and beliefs fill my head, and that's another factor. Even though I'm a minority, I've never bought into the idea that minorities are put down in this day and age. Sure, I believe in equality, but minorities seem to take that equality and twist it. When it comes to jobs, those who are capable should be hired instead of employees trying to fill some sort of diversity quota. Sometimes I do believe that Caucasians get discriminated against just because they are white. Maybe it's some sort of turning of the tables since Europeans were in power for so long, but who really knows why the world operates in the way that it does.

So basically, I don't believe in the plight of the minorities. It brings me back to something a speaker said once. Why do we get so proud and up in arms about something that we have no control over? I didn't pick my Tongan parents. I'm not ashamed to be Tongan or anything, I just accept that I am and don't take it further. People find it fascinating when you're a minority, but I think it's bothersome the way that people fawn over you as if you're a strange and exotic creature. We're all people who hail from different backgrounds. Some of us just happen to be more passionate about it than others.