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Princess and the Air
Sad Kev

I watched Princess and the Frog and Up in the Air back to back, and it was strange what I got from these films. They have their own messages directed at different demographics and yet they somehow linked up in a strange way. One of the themes to Princess and the Frog is how hard work is one of the ways to achieve your dreams and that it will get you anywhere in life. One of the things that I saw in Up in the Air was that no matter how much hard work you put into your job, you can still get fired. No matter how much service you dedicate to your job, it can sometimes just amount to nothing. Then there was an interesting reversal. Princess and the Frog goes on to say that one of the things that you need in life is love and to have loved ones near. Up in the Air ends with George Clooney having no one to love. All the people he has helped to fire still have loved ones to turn to and draw strength from, but this hollow man has nothing. I just found all of that intriguing.

On another note about very different movies connecting in strange ways, I found one link between It's Complicated and Sherlock Holmes. There is a main character in each film (in the case of It's Complicated, that's basically the majority of the cast) with the last name "Adler". Now I know that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle came up with Irene Adler first and that even then Adler could be a common last name, but I just found it amusing.

My Christmas was fun. I'm going to hang out with friends and some more family this week. I completely adored Princess and the Frog. I have seen it three times and am not tired by the thought of watching it some more.

On an unrelated note, I think that I type with purpose.