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We Just Live Together

Oh my goodness. I never imagined that I would be in the middle of drama. I survived junior high and high school without going through any of that melodramatic bullshit. Sure, there was one minor thing, but I was more or less of a bystander in that incident. It was happening to someone else rather than to me. I just did not thing that some roommate bullshit drama would happen in college. It's just very irritating to know that it is about to get very awkward with someone that I chose to live with.

This all started with a misdirected text. One of my roommates (the annoying, weepy one) accused me and my other roommates of being homophobes. All because we did not want to wear a shirt that said something about gay students being welcome at a certain place. This greatly irritated me not only in that she called me such a thing just because I was respectfully showing my opinion but in that she was obviously bitching about us behind our backs. She's a freaking drama queen who likes to play the victim. Because we supposedly don't care about her, she has to go take her whiny ass to other people. I'm sorry that she's just a fucking well of tears every time I walk in the goddamn door. I'm not equipped to handle people like that. I myself was raised to not be so emotional, so it pisses me off to always see her fucking crying. And the thing is that she BRINGS IT ON HERSELF!!! Conversations with her mother make her cry and yet she's always calling up her mother. It's very annoying.

It's just sad to see that a friendship is about to be ruined because one friend is being a bitch and talking shit about us. I can't even stand to look at her much less try to have a few words with her or be in the same goddamn room. It's just too much to ask of me. We just happen to be people who live together now.