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Sad Kev
 Man. I'm a bit addicted to posting on this thing. I think it may be because I just feel at home rambling at my own discretion while not having to worry about too many people reading this. It's not like I'm going to become the next viral thing. Though that would be totally awesome.

So I'm totally jonesing for some SModcast. Maybe Kevin Smith is off doing lots of movie stuff and so the ViewAskew fans must wait a little longer for the next installment. But I have a feeling that it was something else that I was jonesing for. I totally knew what I wanted to put down until I saw that Writer's Block thingy. Never answer the dumb link thing when you have a purpose in mind. Damn! The thought just slipped my mind because I almost slightly remembered what the tag would be. I think I'm just yearning for new things in general. I would really like it if I coul watch the season finale for The Venture Bros. Talk about quality programming. 

In a completely different and serious direction, I'm a bit scared to be going off to college. Screw all this "Are you excited/nervous/happy" stuff. I'm just plain scared right now. Let's face it. This will be the first time that I will be living entirely on my own. I have to maintain mysel, while balancing a school life. Not to mention how pop culturally addicted and attention defficit my mind is. How I wish the Rapture would take place soon.

Now I totally remember!! I'm totally jonesing for the spoilerific twisty turn ending of Ratchet and Clank Future: Quest for Booty! I really want to know how it ends. Someone out there must have completed the game by now! What about posting some footage or at least typine up a synopsis about the ending? IGN totally grabbed my goat by mentioning this very very cool twist. They even had the second very in parentheses and underlined. It intrigues me. So please someone get it up there. I love Clank and so desperately want the duo to be reunited. I also want Ratchet to go Rambo on those Zoni bastards.

Next time I'm going to rant about the ignorance of my generation, but I'll just keep it positive for now. I've got a bit too much negativity on this livejournal for my own good.