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[RPF] Make It All Better
Cult Kevin

Title: Make It All Better
Summary: Chris catches Tom during a vulnerable moment.
Characters: Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth
Rating: PG. practically G really. tiny spoiler for Avengers
Word count: 1,050

A/N: Based entirely off of
this picture by westishere. I have so many Hiddlesworth feels and so a picture of Tom having character bleed feelings just could not be ignored.

When Chris enters the prop room, he is struck by how empty it is for the first time since he has been on the set. He waves the prop hammer in his hand to and fro and calls out just to see if someone's hidden nearby. He doesn't want to end up on their shit list for not having properly returned his props. In response, he hears a flurry of sniffles. Brows furrowing together, he tries to peer over the racks of costumes before him and then walks towards the source of the noise as curiosity overwhelms him.

Throughout the room are hanging lamps with bare bulbs which cast a dim glow on the objects it touches. Such is the way he finds Tom: still in costume and bathed in a warm, yellow glow. He has his back to Chris as he leans against the wall, and Chris observes how his shoulders hunch forward almost defensively.

"Tom," he calls softly, "are you okay?"

Tom jumps at the sound of his voice, seems to swipe at his face, and whips around with wide eyes and pinched lips. He relaxes upon seeing that it is Chris and replies, "Oh! Yes! Didn't hear you there." He gives him a smile which doesn't quite reach his eyes.

"I figured," says Chris as he slowly places his hammer on a nearby table while keeping his eyes trained on Tom. Despite initially relaxing, Tom still holds himself stiffly. "Are you sure you're all right?" He clasps a hand to the Brit's shoulder.

"Of course," replies Tom in a wavering voice. He shakes his head slightly. "It's nothing, really. Completely ridiculous, actually. Just getting more emotionally attached than necessary to the character is all," he rattles off as he folds his arms in front of his chest and tries to tuck his head in.

“Character bleed,” murmurs Chris with understanding. “It gets the best of us, mate,” he says while clapping a reassuring hand to Tom’s shoulder. “Can’t say I blame you. Intense scene, that last one what with all the emotions running haywire. I almost thought you were actually going to break through my padding and stab me for real.” He smiles and nods in remembrance. “Easy to get carried away.”

“That’s the thing,” says Tom in a distressed tone as he unfolds himself just to start wringing his hands. “As Loki, I get swept into the moment and all the anger and jealousy and rage fuels me to new heights…But then it’s over, and when I detach myself…” He gulps as he searches for his next words and closes his eyes. “This overwhelming sadness presses down on my shoulders as if I’ve failed.” He opens his eyes to narrow slits born from weariness.”I try not to analyze Loki from the outside in fear of judging him and tainting the performance, but I can’t help it. I want him to reach out and take the hand Thor is offering him, but I know that’s not where he is right now. He’s much too proud at this point.” He dips his head and presses both palms to his eyes, takes a deep breath, and sigh it all out. His body shudders with the exhale. “But I wish to god he wasn’t. I wish that he could take that hand and grasp it for all its worth rather than vehemently slap away as if it were poison.”

Tom starts shaking at this point, and Chris remembers the tear trickling from Tom’s eye as he spouted his line about sentiment. Without hesitation, Chris winds an arm around Tom’s back and pulls the man closer. His other hand finds purchase on the nape of Tom’s neck, and he squeezes gently hoping to ease the tension out of Tom’s body.

In response, Tom’s hands find purchase on his broader shoulders. Chris also feels Tom’s head nestle into his shoulder and just continues his ministrations. As Tom’s breath continues to curl around his shoulders, Chris chooses to say nothing but instead draws Tom even closer to him. He rubs small circles into the small of Tom’s back.

“I just want to make it all right for him,” confesses Tom in a voice so quiet that Chris would have missed it were it not for the proximity of Tom’s mouth to his ear. Another shiver from the leaner man prompts Chris to continuously smooth down the tangles of his unnatural black hair.

“I know,” he murmurs. “But unfortunately, that’s just not in the cards at the moment.” He flinches internally at what he has just said.

Tom clings even tighter and is silent for awhile. Then he morosely replies, “I know.”

 If Tom was not already fully pressed against him, then Chris would have held him even closer. He settles for the continual petting of Tom’s hair all the while kicking himself for bringing Tom down even more. “It’s not all lost. There’s always a chance in the sequel,” he offers lamely.

Tom shakes again, and the quick breaths against his shoulder make him fear that he has truly said the wrong thing. Then Tom tilts his head back, and Chris sees the small smile that does light up his eyes. The shaking is a product of laughter— or rather a slight chuckle. “You’re absolutely right,” he responds softly. “Why dwell on the faults of today when the promise of tomorrow gleams so brightly?” This time when he sighs it is as if a large burden has rolled off his back.

Tom suddenly becomes self-conscious about the position they are in, and his cheeks redden. “Th-thank you for this. I really needed it.” His tongue pokes out as he chuckles some more.

“Anytime, Tom,” he replies as he tucks some stray hairs behind the Brit’s ear.

Tom once again draws near, but his arms snake around Chris’ neck to bring the broader man into a hug. Chris quickly reciprocates by drawing his own arms around Tom’s back. They revel in the comfort the other’s body brings under the glow of the bare bulb. In the ensuing silence, nothing more needs to be said for now.