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Some Very Loose Oscar Feelings

I'm actually quite content with the Oscar noms this year. Or maybe I'm getting complacent in my old age.

I have a thing about watching each of the Best Picture nominees, so I can't comment on those. Though I will say that I'm not looking forward to having to watch Lincoln. But on the other hand, at least I have more of an impetus to watch Amour.

I have a crazy hope that Quvenzhané Wallis will win Best Actress, but I know at this point I should just be happy she got nominated.Maybe if the vote between Lawrence and Chastain gets split...

Joaquin or Denzel as those are the only two I've seen.

Hot damn. Even though I loved Hathaway, I'm sort of hoping someone else wins. But that means having to watch those other performances. Gargh. But I was eager to see The Sessions anyways so that's something.

Freaking Les Mis. I'm glad Hooper didn't get nominated for Director because HOT DAMN was his direction annoying. Like, I wouldn't mind the movie winning for Costume and Production Design except the camerawork was so zoomed in that I wasn't able to appreciate those things.

The Visual Effects category is always interesting to me on the technical side of things as that's where the standard action blockbuster goes. Out of thestuff nominated, I'm against Avengers (didn't know Marvel's The Avengers was the full title) and The Hobbit. Come at me, but obvious cgiimmediately takes me out. So basically CGI chitauri and goblins do nothing for me. I'm torn on the rest though, but I guess it might as well go to Life of Pi because neither Prometheus nor SWatH should be awarded for the only good thing they had going for them. That sounds contradictory, but those two movies were so lacking on plot. We don't need another Wolfman win (though I'm sure that win was more about rewarding Baker).

Regarding Cinematography, though I enjoyed the other nominations, I desperately want Deakins to win. Excuse the hyperbole, but it is a CRIME that the man has failed to win an Oscar. He's one of the best cinematographers around!

On a final note, The Master... Where did all your buzz go? Probably right out the window after everyone saw the movie. But I do agree with what it got nominated for and will also be satisfied if it wins any of its categories.
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