ZodGory (zodgory) wrote,

Breaking My Fucking Heart is More Like It

Goddamn you, Vince Gilligan.That's what I think after especially tense episodes of Breaking Bad when his name is the first to show up as it cuts to credits. It happened with a lot more cursing last week as they cut during the middle of a fucking cliffhanger (not even the cliffhanger itself but the MIDDLE of the cliffhanger, and it happened with a lot of tears and pleading during tonight's episode.

Just...God fucking damnit! A solid thirty minutes after I've watched the episode, and my emotions are still all topsy turvy from everything I watched. Apparently though, I am one of those idiot viewers who take everything at face value until proven otherwise. But whatever because I still gasped and sobbed at all the appropriate places.

I just can't even imagine where this show will be going with only two episodes left. Everything is unraveling around him, and everything he started this for is slipping through his fingers. I mean, Jesus Christ, that scene with his son just triggered a bunch of tears as he stared at his family and realized how it was over. And then he made it worse by taking Holly, and I just felt so much of Skyler's pain in that moment.

I CAN BARELY CONCENTRATE ON ANYTHING ELSE! Last week's nail biter left me eager for more, but that was easy enough to tuck away into a corner. This week's episode continues to resonate with me and haunting my waking hour so that I can't sleep. So many questions and yet it seems like there won't be enough time. Ugh.

For now I'll just vent about things as they come in hopes of shedding off the anxiousness this episode gave me:

  • Why the fuck did I allow myself to believe an IMdB cast list? Those are known to be user-changed so I was just setting myself up for disappointment by expecting the ghosts of Jane and Crazy Eight to appear.

  • Speaking of Jane...FUCK YOU VERY MUCH WALTER WHITE. That moment cemented the fact that he was done with Jesse. Obviously it should have been the affirmation of the hit as well as giving up his hiding spot, but that confession was what really hit it home. He just delivered it in such a cold blooded way, and you could see the fight go out of Jesse even more. Just ugh.

  • Fuck you very much Todd for speaking up. EITHER KILL HIM OR DON'T! I don't like this namby pamby bullshit of keeping him as a cooking slave.

  • Once again a situation where Walt should've been quicker with his phone. I mean, it's not like he really would have been able to "vamanos" with his family but still. It broke my heart to see Walt Jr finally learn the truth. But I'm also glad he finally stuck up for his mom and actually did shit. He's dumped on her for so long and that was getting annoying.

  • And finally, I'm sad that Gomie died during the blackout. Poor guy. I still want that scene where Hank told him about Walt.

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