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Thor: The Rushed World

No, I'm not trying to make a reference back to Rush (even though I wish I could've been watching that movie instead for the fifth time). That's just how the movie felt. Now despite my negative tone, I actually quite liked it, but there are some things that factor into that.

My choice of companion to visit Thor in his natural habitat was none other than my dear mother at the last second. I wasn't even sure if I was going to see this thing at midnight, but she said she was down for it (she'll watch any movie I want to because of a long story I'm not divulging right now) and that she wanted to stare at Hemsworth's handsome face (I love that we can agree on this). Good enough reasons.

The next factor isn't exactly a winning endorsement. My expectations for this film were in the shitter. They have been ever since Comic-Con when basically all the behind-the-scenes guys expressed more enthusiasm for Captain America than the movie coming out in less than six months. Honestly, I've had my suspicious issues ever since Patty Jenkins got booted off the project.

So with these two things (and a Carl's Jr meal) I entered the theater, and I came out thoroughly entertained. It was pretty silly and dumb in certain areas, but what I enjoyed, I LOVED.

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