ZodGory (zodgory) wrote,

Gone Girl

I'm admittedly on a high but this film was probably the best birthday present ever. I now have a scene that is unequivocally my favorite scene of all time.

It was a pretty damn faithful adaptation of the novel which was a shame at times, but with the visual medium of film, there were things in the movie that passed over better than they ever did in the book. Like the ending. I hated that original ending. Maybe I was waiting for one last shoe to drop but aside from the final lines, it left me unsatisfied. Now with the film, due to pacing and how things are condensed and mixed around, the ending actually works for me even though we lose that impactful final line.

I had so much faith in Rosamund Pike, and it was rewarded beyond my wildest dreams. My love for her has grown tenfold. She was aboslutely terrifying, and I can tell that she had a blast playing this role. It's such a rare role to be well written for a woman, and she nailed it. The scene where she murders Neil Patrick Harris and just rubs his blood all over herself in order to strengthen her own story was absolutely wonderful. Fincher directs it like a straight up horror film with quick cuts breaking up the scene at spurts. The score does a hell of a job in contributing to it.

Congrats to Tyler Perry as well for actually being a solid actor. He made me laugh genuine laughs that had nothing to do with crossdressing!

All in all, I was very satisfied with this film. I also never though I'd hear the word "twincest" used in a movie. So thanks for that.
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