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Nate Parker Ignored All PR Advice Including Oprah
Cult Kevin
-Sources say Oprah suggested that Parker address the matter in an appearance with King on her CBS program back in August, but Parker declined because he was angry that his past was coming back to bite him on the ass just when his movie was poised for awards season.

-Fox Searchlight hired PR folks (including former NFL pro Don McPherson, who frequently speaks on issues of sexual violence) to help Parker on his promotion of the film, but he just outright ignored all the talking points and tips they gave him.

-THR says that Fox Searchlight will instead focus on pushing Jackie for Oscars after his disastrous appearances on GMA and 60 Minutes where he continues to show a lack of empathy. "They gave him talking points and he just didn't execute," said one undisclosed source.

-The film made less than 10 million, and THR thinks it's likely his next project won't get off the ground. He also hasn't been cast in anything as of late. "His inability to act like he cared that people invested a whole lot of money in him — sorry. You go into the 'life is too short' category. No matter what Nate Parker makes...this will always be the first paragraph."" said an executive of another film company.

-In an e-mail to THR, Amy Ziering (producer of The Hunting Ground) expressed her own personal disappointment in Parker's failed media appearances: "I had hoped that Parker's discussion of the film and his past would address our culture's toxic history of both racism and sexual/gender violence — and the ways these two issues importantly intersect. Unfortunately, he has put forward a lot of carefully constructed rhetoric, which at times rings hollow and falls short."

-Judd Apatow also recently tweeted about it after Parker's appearance on The Steve Harvey Show.


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