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Charles Foster Ofdensen
Sad Kev
Charles Foster Ofdensen is the most bad ass mother fucker around. He's also a great businessman, shows amazing fighting skills, is pretty handsome, and is a cartoon. That's right. This great man is a cartoon. But just because he is two dimensional does not mean that he doesn't deserve your respect. You should respect who he is, and pray to the Norse gods that he makes it back next year on Metalocalypse.

I really hope that Brendon Small and Tommy Blancha keep this character alive. I don't want some bullshit plot line about the band needing to lose their manager so they can discover themselves. I don't think the show works that way. The members of Dethklok are pretty dumb, and I don't expect them to really climb out of that pit. But they have finally climbed out of their seemingly shallow pools as demonstrated in the second season finale. They have saved each other's lives as well as the lives of some of their fans, who they have called crazy in the past and also dedicated a hate song towards.

So pray for the beaten Charles Foster Ofdensen. Because "that's my bread and butter you're fucking with".