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Weird Ass Fascinations
Sad Kev
For some weird ass reason, I'm obsessed with watching The Litte Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning. I don't know why. I've recently despised the film only because my middle name is Arielle. My mother thought the name sounded pretty.

Yeah, so I don't know why the hell I like watching it. Maybe it's because I like Sebastian (I have a tendency to like the generally overlooked characters of Disney films. As witnessed by my love of Zazu from The Lion King. He was voice by Mr. Bean himself) a lot, and the villain is after his job. Putting him in jail and stuff is all right, and the attempted murder at the end was super hardcore, but why didn't she just kidnap and dispose of him?? I mean, he is a crab. It's not like he has the strength of Hercules.

As you might be able tell, the movie ain't that great. The mother died by getting crushed by a fucking boat!! That's pretty gruesome, but the scene was poorly executed. And as great as a voice actor that Jim Cummings is, Kenneth Mars (the originator of the role of King Triton) should have been brought back. If you can bring back Samuel E. Wright (Sebastian) and Jodi Benson (Ariel), then why not King Triton, eh?? I feel like being a self-righteous, indiginous Canadian!! Like Scott Mosier, you knows?! At least the animation was really nice. Very exceptional. But I feel that there was no need to have Sally Field in this film. Just get a no name like most of the cast probably is.

Yeah, so I'm watching a film that I sort of despise. It's like a guilty pleasure.