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Venture Joy
Sad Kev
Today was a pretty special day because I met a fellow Venture Bros fan. And I identified him because he was wearing the Monarch t-shirt that [adult swim] sells. It was an awesome moment to be remembered in my fandom memory. I shall now relate the tale.

I had just gotten out of class and was looking around when I recognized a familiar looking red butterfly (with a crown) on a black background. Low and behold, I saw that a man was wearing it. I bounded up to him and said, "I'm sorry ,but I love your shirt!!" He seemed equally joyful that someone actually knew what his shirt was all about. We went on a tangent about the awesomeness of the show, the demise of Henchmen 24, and how random our meeting was. His companion was completely confused. I don't blame her. She was really nice though. Then I said goodbye and left.

Yep. College life dealt me a nice coincidence today. Thank you for that.