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Nothing Much
Sad Kev
Now I'm back to my original form. I'm totally crashing a philosophy class that I don't have to be in just because I've got friends in this class. It's totally fun though, and the dude that crashes with me shows me some awesome shit. I love Dead Fantasy now. Whoever the maker of that great series is, he deserves a medal.

Not to diss the ancestors of yore, but what the hell do we need philosophy for anymore? Sure it set down the basis of science and math as we know it, but what do we need it for nowadays. I don't think there are any modern philosophers that are super awesome. Maybe Nietzsche. But whatever. There's too much thinking involved in this class. That may sound very ignorant and shallow of me, but I really just don't like the pointless thinking involved in philosophy. It'll eventually lead to some depressing realization that make you realize how little you truly are.

Gargh.Life sucks, and I'm as deep as a puddle. Later homies.