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Jaskier Bomb

Hella Bored

It's funny that I say that I'm "Hella Bored" since I've finally met someone who despises the use of the word "heck" or "hella". The way he put it was that there some sort of invasion of the Northern Californians. Or maybe he said that he felt he was surrounded by Nor Cal people.

But, yes, I am pretty bored. Yesterday was full of epic funness in which I hung out with the Anime Club, and a bunch of my new guy friends. They are so fun, and I'm so happy that I have them. It's funny that I met them through Ryan and Jessica, and that I met those two through Tiffany. It all comes back to family. The circle of life has us in it's grip.

Attention Duelists! My hair is addicted to watching Yu-gi-oh the Abridged Series....in America! It's way more fulfilling than Naruto the Abridged Series ,and I get a lot more hairy balls in my face while trying to find gay people that are hibernating in caves. Did I mention that my voice gives me super strength?

Ah. How I lament the loss of the weekend. I've heard that this week is condensed since there's nothing for me on Friday. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! It felt weird to not have any days off. The only problem is that it's one less day to see Andy. I have been thinking about him since he left. Not with the obsessive smothering that I feared may happen but with a quiet longing. Please tell me that this is a sign that my emotions are cooling off. Or are they?? Gargh!!! Why did I have to bring this entry down with love?

Farewell to thee my nonexistant readers...in America!