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Jaskier Bomb


Just like calming down after my initial reaction to the announcement of Potter being pushed back, I have now lightened up towards the college life. It's nice. I'm a bit more used to it now, and I'll just bury myself in my studies even though I'm procrastinating at this very moment.

I just found out that one of my teachers is an asshole. Funny since I disliked him right off the bat. Always gotta trust that first random instinct. So I'm definitely dropping that motherfucker.

I can't wait til Iron Man comes out on DVD. That movie was the shit. I'm also going to buy the second season of the Venture Bros when I get the chance. Those dang impulses have an iron grip on my purse strings.

Yeah, so college life is getting slightly better. It ain't gonna be a bed of roses ,but it'll be something to learn from.

Peace and love yall. And don't get your pants wet.
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