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Jaskier Bomb

Fuck Politics

I really just don't understand it. It confounds me. It's just tons of backstabbing and undermining your opponent and when you win the position, you use all that power for your self. You don't give a damn about the people you are supposedly representing. You're just serving yourself. Another point is that there are too many big words for my small brain to comprehend.

Damn you election year! I really don't give a shit about who is running. I actually just vote to my party. I am truly tempted, though, to vote with a write-in candidate. Namely either Jesus or myself. It just astounds me how people can understand it so clearly.

I do hate bias though. It's pretty hard to find that neutral news station. FOX really is just so much to the right, but CNN is so horribly left that I want to shoot myself in the head. I absolutely despise how young America is democrat. What the fuck? They are disillusioned and just want to be radicals. I didn't bring up MSNBC because even though they are moderates, I think they lean more to the left.

You know, it's not that I don't care, it's that I don't care about certain issues. Some things just go over my head, and the answers to those issues are just as confounding. Straight forward things like gay marriage and the war appeal to me while the economy just utterly defeats me.

I basically just have no hope for the future. I would just like to sit back and wait for Jesus to take me home.