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Jaskier Bomb

Stir Crazy

The two words that I have wisely chosen as the title of my entry perfectly describe the feelings that are overwhelming. I swear that this must be what sailors feel after so much time on the ocean. IT'S MADDENING, I TELL YOU!!! MADDENING!!

I just forgot how boring it is at my house. And my one saving grace, television, is not an option because we DON'T HAVE ANY FORM OF CABLE!!!

So I justly cling to the Internet since taking the bus anywhere costs money that I would rather not spend. Unfortunately, it seems that my laptop also wants abandon me in my most desperate time of need. It FREAKIN' shutdown out of NOWHERE!!! IT'S SCARY TO THINK THAT MY LAPTOP MIGHT BECOME A LEMON!!! I don't want that happening to my graduation present!! It's just totally inconceivable to me!! Why must the fates conspire against me??

I've also put myself into a sort of self-imposed exile. I should be talking to people from school that I don't have the strongest connection with just so that we don't stray when school resumes. Estrangement creates awkward situations. And I don't need anymore help with creating awkwardness.

Damn, it's cold here. But I have no right to complain since it's negative in some areas. Yeah. I should just shut up.

I've found another thing to sort of obsess over except for the fact that it's over now, so I hella missed the boat. Avatar: the Last Airbender. It's a lovely animated show that was on Nickelodeon that just recently aired it's series finale. I've always sort of liked it, but now I find that I really like it. I especially like the character of Sokka. He's funny, and he's not a complete oaf. I can't believe that the creators went so far as to making him (the only one who can't bend an element) get seriously injured. Sure, Zuko got shot with lightning, but that was healed. Sokka got his freakin' leg broken or something. I also admire the show for actually portraying the mental decline of a character. An underage villainess nonetheless. Azula went freakin' CRAZY, and I LOVED EVERY SECOND of it. Just sheer brilliance, and I can't believe that Nickelodeon allowed them to air that.

Which brings me to another point. How come Avatar gets away with certain things that Zim couldn't? Avatar has many stylized battles befitting of any anime. Zim just had sick humor. I think the answer lies in demographics. Nickelodeon tried to target Zim at the wrong audience, but they actually aimed Avatar at the rightfully intended one. They need to get their audience straight. Misunderstandings tend to lead to disappointment.

Gargh. I think I did enough healthy venting for today. Later!